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Web Application
Web Application Tsimtung.com has a team of web developers and graphic designers. We work closely with our clients to construct Web sites that meet demanding specifications for appearance and functionality. Ultimately we produce a custom tailored solution at a price to meet your budget.

Our skills include:

  • Latest web application technology ( JSP/Servlets, XML, Perl/CGI, PHP4/5, JSPJavaScript, UNIX Shell, HTML etc.)
  • MySQL, SQL or Oracle 8i database design & Integration
  • E-commerce (shopping carts, order forms, real-time credit card processing)
  • Graphic Design
  • Flash

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We provide the following software/systems:

-- Shopping Cart System

  • Shopping Cart System

-- MemberShip System

  • Member Registration
  • List Members
  • Edit Information
  • Login
  • Search Members
  • Database Administration

-- Discussion Forum

  • php forum
  • phpBB

-- GuestBook

  • php GuesBook

-- WebMail System
-- Qmail and Email Manager
-- Site Administration Manager (Web Control Panel)
-- Sending HTML Email Service

-- Auction Portal
-- Content Updating System
-- Recuitment Portal
-- Logistics Web Portal System
-- ECRM System..etc

If you are interested in bringing your business to the web and are looking for a one-stop shop for your Web site design, programming and hosting, then please contact us at info@tsimtung.com, or 27855838,82022432 for an initial consultation about your specific business needs.

Apply Now Should you have any questions, please call us at: 27855838, 27855839, 27855843 or send us an email: info@tsimtung.com