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SSL-https Plan
SSL寄存 If you have a personal domain name want to host at our Company, or you just set up a small network company want to host at our company, this SSL Plan is the best solution. SSL Plan brings you the basic services you need, if your company no longer applicable to the SSL Plan, we will enhance the hosting service.

Monthly fee $250, No setup fee

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Basic Function
Web Storage:
Email Storage:
Email Address:
Data Transfer:

Email Function
POP3/IMAP Email Address:
Email Forwarder:
Email Mailing List:
Multi-language Webmail:
Email Administrator/Manager:
Real-Time Email Virus Scan:

FTP Function
FTP Access:

Website Statistics
Daily Web Statistics:

Website Authoring Features
Support PHP:
Support CGI/Perl, SSI, (with common Perl Modules installed, eg, DBI, LWP, GD etc
Support WAP/WML:

Advanced Features
Data Transfer:
Control Panel (Site Admin Manager):
Password Protect Directory:
SSL Server Certificate:
Dedicated IP Address:

Additional Information

Setup Fee
When you request refund under our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, the setup fee will be charged and deducted to cover our administration costs.

Platform Changes
HK$150 will be applied to the platform changes except service upgrade.

Domain Registration
Domain name registration organizations will charge you for every new domain name. Registering an international domain name (.com, .net, .org) costs HK$150/year, while a local one (.com.hk) is HK$250/year.

1 Hour Prompt Account Setup Guarantee
Your account will be setup within 1 hour if we receive your payment confirmation during office hours. You will be able to access your site as soon as you receive your account information via email. If your domain name has not yet been registered or transferred, you will be able to access your site with your IP address (until the time as the domain name is transferred or registered). Please note that it usually takes about 1-5 working days for domain registration or transfer.

*Unless otherwise specified, all plans do not guarantee the overseas bandwidth

Apply Now Should you have any questions, please call us at: 27855838, 27855839, 27855843 or send us an email: info@tsimtung.com

Standard Fee

> Basic monthly fee: HK$250
> Setup Fee:HK$500 Waived!
> Min. Payment Period: 12month
> Domain Fee is not included
> Cannot be used in conjunction with reselling discounts or special offers.

Extra Benefit
> 1 Hour Account Setup
> User Manual