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Other Web Design Services
Other Web Design ServicesIn addition our company offers a variety of web design services, we provide more related to online promotion design services. Including Flash banner design, E-Card design, e-mail advertising design, to provide the most comprehensive web design services.

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Service Fee
Content layout design $300/page
Website Content Update(Text Only) $300/page
Flash Header from $1500
Flash Header with Sound effect from $2000
Flash intro (Around 10sec) from $1000
Flash intro with Sound effect and background music (Around 10sec) from $1500
Flash Banner (Around 10sec) from $1000
Flash Banner with Sound effect and background music (Around 10sec) from $1500
Animation gif banner from $300
Popup Promotion $300/page
Email Promotion Gif from $300
Flash Ecard from $1000
Flash Ecard with sound from $1500
Static Graphic Ecard from $300

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