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Additional Services

Additional services's charges are listed below, further inquiries please call: 27855838, 27855839, 27855843 (24hrs) or contact us by email: info@tsimtung.com

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Web Hosting Additional Service Fee(HKD)
Daily  or weekly or monthly Backup (Server Side) $50/500MB/month
Additional Web Space $50/500MB/month
MySQL Database (@50MB MySQL Data) $100/month
JSP/Servlets Support $300/month
ASP/ASP.NET Suport $300/month
Detailed Daily Web Statistics free
Domain Pointer/Parking $250/year
FTP $50/month
FTP (Oversea Bandwidth) $200/month
Telnet/SSH Account $50/month
Bandwidth $50/10GB/month
Update DNS / IP $250/time

Email Additional Service Fee(HKD)
SMTP (Local Bandwidth) $50/month
SMTP (with Oversea Bandwidth) $200/month
BCC to Admin $200/month
Web Mail free
POP3/IMAP Emails Accounts $50/10Account/month

* Min. Payment Period: 12month; If less than 12 month, the price is around double.

Apply Now Should you have any questions, please call us at: 27855838, 27855839, 27855843 or send us an email: info@tsimtung.com